Black Tie Attire: What Not To Wear

Unsure of what to wear to the next big event? Let the invitation and the following information serve as your guide.

Black Tie

For a black tie event, tuxedos are mandatory. Black tie is defined as a tuxedo with proper accessories. This doesn’t necessarily limit you to wearing the traditional black bow tie. Accessories enable a gentleman to show his personality. (Just make sure you don’t out-shine the guest of honor!)

Black Tie Preferred or Requested

Your host would prefer that you wear a tuxedo to these events. Most gentlemen in attendance will honor this request to help celebrate a very special occasion. In addition to a black tuxedo, white or ivory dinner jackets are appropriate during warmer weather.

Black Tie Optional

While tuxedos are not mandatory for these events, you will likely see more of them than suits. A good rule of thumb is that you can never be overdressed, especially if your partner is wearing an evening gown.

White Tie

This is a very formal event, and the guidelines are probably very strict. This means that attire will be black tails with black trousers, white pique wing collar shirt, white pique vest and bow tie, pearl jewelry, formal shoes and white gloves. Accessory options to express individuality may include a silk scarf, top hat or cane.

Cruise Ship Wear

There are typically many opportunities to wear a tuxedo during a cruise. In fact, most cruises offer or require at least one night of formal attire. (Even if a tuxedo is not required, they are normally highly recommended). Appropriate tuxedos for cruises would be any black tuxedo excluding tails. Also, white or ivory dinner jackets make an excellent cruise option, especially for a cruise with two formal dinners.

Destination Weddings

Dressing Yourself and Your Groomsmen for Your Big Day

If you’re planning a destination wedding, we’re available to assist you with the details of dressing your party.

Palm Beach Gardens groomsmen attire My groomsmen will be flying in only a day or so before the wedding. How can I get them a tux from your store?

They can send us their measurements ahead of time. If they do not know their sizes, they can be measured at any tuxedo store and forward those sizes to us.

How do I know what the men should wear?

One option would be dressing for the time of day that you are getting married. You can do cutaways for the daytime, black tie for after six or even white tie for evening. There are many looks available. Whatever your groom feels and looks most handsome in should be your choice.

How do I measure myself?

We’d prefer that you go to a tuxedo store or a fine men’s clothing store to be measured properly. If you’re unable to be measured by a professional, please click here for a measurement chart.


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